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"The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind."
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Notices: free, easy and forever

Our Family Storybook (OFS) has recently launched the new Public Notice feature, and it’s FREE! You can either view published notices that others have created on the home site, or sign up as a member to draft and publish your own Notice. Speaking from personal experience an announcement can cost hundreds of dollars to post for a single days run in a local newspaper.
All Notices posted through OFS are public domain and will be made available to the public and are not subject to copyright. Use the Notice feature to publish an online obituary, birth, marriage, retirement, graduation or other historically significant family event that you would normally post in a public newspaper.
The decision by OFS to make Notices public domain is significant because this will allow family members, genealogists and historians access to information that will assist in genealogy research. Notices will also contribute to building and strengthening the genealogy community that OFS is dedicated to supporting.
Posting free Notices will be available to everyone joining at any membership level.
Once a notice is published, it can be shared by a link with family and friends or
printed and archived.
What I like best about Public Notices is their dynamic nature. Notices can be edited after publication to make corrections or record additional information. Unless the poster deletes it, Notices will always be accessible online.
There are two Notice features to be aware of.
1. Public Notices:  Public Notices are viewable to anyone visiting the Our Family Storybook website and clicking on Notices in the top navigational menu. You do not need to be a member to search, read or print out Notices, however, you cannot publish a Notice unless you are a member.
Public Notices are listed by category. Clicking on the view icon for a category will take you to Notices published in that category. You can navigate to other categories by using the drop down menu without having to return to the main Public Notice page.
 Each category will have the title and date the Notice was published. Clicking on the view icon will display the full Notice and give you an option for printing.
2. Member Notices: To publish Notices you must be a member. Any membership level, including the Limited Free Membership can publish Notices. Simply click on the Join Today button on the Public Notices page or navigate to the Membership Page and signup.  If already a member, log in and click on Notices in the top navigational menu, and then on the Start New Notice button.
 Draft your new Notice by giving it a Title. Browse your computer and choose only one image then select a category and a Status (a “Draft” status will not show up in a Public Notice category until it is given a status of “Published”). Enter your content manually or copy and paste from a text editor. Make sure you preview the Notice before your publish to see if any formatting changes are needed.
Once a Notice is created, it will display in the list on the Notice start page. From this list you can email a link (only on “Published” Notices), view, copy/duplicate an existing Notice, edit an already published Notice or delete one altogether.
If you have any questions, contact us at: and please share this exciting news with family and friends!

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