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OFS Edition #7. April-2016.
"The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind."

- Jane Howard
Our Family Storybook: Introducing the 21st century Family Album

21st Century Family Album


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Don't overlook our free Public Notice feature. This newly launched Public Notice feature, allows visitors to view published Notices that members have created.

Historical public notices are important to research, so help contribute to that resource for the benefit of future generations of family historians.

Use the Notice feature to publish online obituaries, birth, marriage, retirement, graduation or other historically significant family events that would normally be post in a public newspaper.

All Notices posted through OFS are public domain, searchable by the public and are not subject to copyright. View Public Notices here.


2016 RootTech Family Genealogy Conference

This year Our Family Storybook participated in RootsTech 2016, a global conference celebrating families across generations, hosted in Salt Lake City. This annual event has become the largest of its kind in the world and it was a privilege to participate in an event that attracts tens of thousands of participants worldwide. With so many interesting organizations to look at, I was happy to see that our audience was excited about our product and eager to use its different offerings. We look forward to seeing you at RootsTech 2017.
Our Family Storybook volunteers sharing the message!
Beta Testing Moving Forward
We have been fortunate this year to have a number of new beta testers, many who signed up with enthusiasm at RootTech 2016. This can only mean one thing. People are excited about using our digital platform to create beautiful genealogical memories that they can share with family and friends.

Their participation will add value to our product and create a better experience for our users. Thank you to everyone who signed up. Our beta testing on the Web Application and our first template will begin on May 1st.   As we fine-tune the application and additional web templates, they will go live in a time tested manner.

If you are interested in joining our beta testing group, please send your name and email address to: If you are selected and participate as a beta tester, you will receive a Free annual membership as a thank you for your involvement.
Update on OFS Web Application Development
Exiting News! Our Family Storybook (OFS) is currently beta testing the Web Application along with our first template. Beta testing will last several weeks after which the findings of our volunteers we be reviewed and the results that indicate enhancements or improvement to functionality will be implemented and then retested.
When testing is completed, this phase of our development will give members the ability to upload a genealogy record (GEDCOM), along with images and other multimedia information, and build a website around that record using OFS’s predesigned templates based on themes.  
The ultimate goal is to develop the web application so users can choose templates based on nationality, historical events, individuals, surnames and milestones. For example, if you have Irish roots and want your site to showcase that heritage, you can select a template that has an Irish theme.
The web application will also allow you to build as many sites as you want, all securely hosted by Our Family Storybook. This feature will give you the opportunity to keep your research organized. You may want to showcase one individual who has historical significance, build a site around a pedigree line, honor an individual or showcase a historical milestone. You can even put your grandmothers’ cookbook recipes online!
As a member you have access to a personal calendar and blog, our Forum and are able to post Notices. Each member has access to the Membership area where only the Projects and Family History pages are unavailable during beta testing. Members are encourage to become familiar with all Membership Pages by downloading our OFS Tutorial document. Details on the Projects Page start on page 7.
Project and Family History Page Unavailable

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