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Edition #1. June-2014
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"The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind."
- Jane Howard


Our First Edition!

Welcome!   This is the first opportunity I have had to directly talk to you, the first clients of “Our Family Storybook”.   Although this is the first of many of these newsletters to come, I have been working toward this moment for 3 years. 
In my personal genealogy searches, I became aware that there was no site that helped organize and present the raw data, countless documents and masses of pictures of my search.   I am a graphic designer.  Making things easy to read and fun to look at is my job and well….my passion.  (The twin passion is genealogy.)

From that need and passion I painstakingly grew “Our Family Storybook”.
I had a shoestring budget, but a lot of enthusiastic support.  An old friend, Owen Korsmo, an editor and writer, helped form the written content.  Chuck Sohne, of A PC Company, LLC, gave invaluable (and endless) expertise for the behind-the-screen technology.  You will hear more about them, here, in the months to come. 

You are here for the same reason I am here.  You love genealogy and the story it tells.  If there are ways I can make it better, easier, safer, let me know.  I have given this everything I have and I want this site to be the best of its kind. 

For those of you have glimpsed the birthing pains of this site, you know that effort and time and glitches that it has taken to get here. 
Let the story telling begin!

Tom Lyon

Things To Come

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