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 Post subject: Basic problem setting up first project
Posted: May 21 2016, 15:55 

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I've uploaded my gedcom and some images. I set up a new project and it is listed as a line item on the Projects tab. But there doesn't seem to be any way to access the project???

When I set up the project I got a Congratulations message which told me to click step 6...but there was no step 6 on the page. Is that where things went wrong?

I've had a few other problems too, but this is the frustrating one. Help please.
 Post subject: Re:
Posted: May 21 2016, 20:22 

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If the project is listed under the Projects tab you can access it by clicking on the Edit icon to the right of the project name.

After you name a new project the Option C instructions are shown and it asks you to "continue" with step 6 below which is the step you take to select a Name for the Milestone template.

I'll send you an email with some screen shots.